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Maple Shade Police Chaplain Corp

Maple Shade Police Chaplain Corp – The primary function of the Police Chaplain Corp is to assist the police department in its service to the community, the employees of the police department and the township alike. Chaplains are made up of pastors from local religious organizations within the township and surrounding areas. Chaplain Liaison Officer Captain Chris Fletcher has been working with the local religious leaders since the fall of 2014 in preparation of bringing the program on-line by October 2015.

Maple Shade Police Chaplains

To become a Chaplain, religious leaders needed to attend 16 hours of educational classes that focus on the Chaplain’s role, duties and responsibilities within the community and within the police department itself. Further, these leaders also attended 16 hours of training focusing on Group Crisis Intervention Training to work with local Police, Fire and EMS personnel following a tragic or devastating event. It allows the Chaplains an opportunity to work with our first responders by providing a format to share their feelings and experiences during these difficult times in a productive way to ensure their well-being both physically and mentally.

If you are a local religious leader and would like to inquire about joining the Maple Shade Police Chaplain Corp, please contact Captain Chris Fletcher at #856-779-9610 extension #116. If you would like to support the Chaplain Program and their work with a financial donation, please contact Chaplain Vince McDonald of the Maple Shade Police Chaplain’s Association at #856-779-1807.